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Educational Consultant for Gender and Sexual Diversity Inclusion


International School Counselor

Gender and sexual minority children are here to stay, and international schools are increasingly aware of their responsibility to ensure that these students are included in the educational setting.


My consulting services provide school leadership, faculty, parents, and other stakeholders with the information and skills necessary to build a more inclusive school for all children, including LGBTQ+ kids. I work with an emphasis on policy and interventions that are effective, research-based, and sensitive to the local context. 



Trained. Experienced. International.

I grew up attending international schools, and have worked in this field since 2003. I am American by nationality, but feel at home in the international community. 

I am currently a PhD candidate researching inclusive school policy and practice for gender and sexual minority students. In addition, I hold a Master of Education degree in International Counseling, a Master of Health Science degree in Sexual Health, a Graduate Certificate in College Counseling, and a Graduate Certificate in LGBT Health Policy & Practice. 


I have worked worldwide as an educator and counselor, holding positions at The American School of Paris, The American School of Kuwait, and Hong Kong International School, and currently work as a teaching assistant for the George Washington University Graduate Program in LGBT Health Policy & Practice. 



Professional. Non-Judgemental. Confidential.



Adjunct Teaching Services

I have worked as an instructor and teaching assistant in colleges and universities for over eight years - currently with the George Washington University -, and am experienced in the fields of teacher education, mental health, and gender & sexuality. I specialize in supporting growth and engaging adult learners from a distance through online platforms. Ask about my graduate level course on Gender & Sexuality Issues in Education.


Inclusive Policy and Practice for Gender and Sexual Minority Youth (LGBTQ+)

International schools are increasingly seeking sound guidance on policy and practice for gender and sexual minority (LGBTQ+) students in a way that is supportive of children, backed by research and expertise in the field, and culturally appropriate for the local context. This is my area of expertise. Ask about my menu of services, including educator workshops, Safe Zone training,  and policy consultations.

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School Policies for Gender & Sexual Minorities

A clear policy on the school's role in supporting gender and sexual minority students is critical in ensuring faculty are able to adequately and confidently do so. Furthermore, when founded on research and accepted best practice in the field, policies reassure stakeholders that leadership has carefully considered the subject. Contact me to develop your international school policy on topics such as transgender student transition and inclusion. 

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Effective Solutions to Your Parenting Questions

I am a trained, certified, and experienced facilitator of Active Parenting courses. These group sessions provide parents and guardians practical, concrete, and respectful strategies to build a healthy relationship with their child and encourage them to become confident, responsible members of the family and community. Ask about hosting a course at your school, organization, or private home, and see the Courses & Events section for current openings. 


Speaking Engagements & Trainings

on LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the

International Workplace

My corporate services are geared toward a multicultural community, and are particularly suited for expatriate employees and those whose children attend international schools. Ask about my signature Sex, Gender, and Pronouns Workshop.

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Contact me directly (secure & confidential) to learn how to make your organization more inclusive. 



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September 27-28, 2019

Please join my full-day, interactive workshop on

Gender & Sexual Minority Inclusion: Supporting LGBTQ Students in International Schools



March 14-17, 2019
Brussels, Belgium

Join my workshop on Sex, Gender, & Pronouns: Supporting Gender Minority Students in International Schools


October 25 - December 12, 2019
The Hague, Netherlands


January - March, 2019
The Hague, Netherlands



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Meadows, E. (2016 – Present). Author and blogger for The International Educator.




"Emily possesses the qualities of integrity, professional knowledge, and caring which characterize our profession at its very best."

Dr. Sue Boyer,

Principal, American School of Kuwait

"This was the most relevant, useful, and informative (both professionally and personally) PD I have attended in years." 

ECIS 2019 Conference Full-Day 'Deep Dive' Participant

"Emily has the personality and the 'magic' to connect with children and adults."

Maya Nelson,

Principal, Hong Kong International School

"Fantastic facilitator! Broke things down for everyone and kept it interactive, felt very approachable." 

ISCA 2019 Conference Presentation Participant

"Today was truly inspirational. What made the content so useful was everything was embedded in research." 

ECIS 2019 Conference Full-Day 'Deep Dive' Participant

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