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LGBTQ+ Consultant for International Schools

I help international schools craft and implement culturally-sensitive, inclusive LGBTQ+ and gender equity policy and practice so that educators are confident and competent supporting all students in their care. 

I have developed inclusion standards, referenda, and trainings for professional organizations such as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), The Fulbright Commission, the Association for International Educators and Leaders of Color (AIELOC), and the American Psychological Association (APA).


My consulting services provide school leadership, faculty, parents, and other stakeholders with the information and skills necessary to create more equitable schools for all children, including LGBTQ+ students. I work with an emphasis on policy and interventions that are effective, research-based, and sensitive to the local cultural context. My approach is non-judgemental, and I specialize in socially-conservative contexts and supporting educators who are new to concepts of gender equity and LGBTQ+ diversity. 



Experienced. International. Trustworthy. 

I grew up attending international schools, and have worked in this field since 2003. I am American by nationality, but feel at home in the international community. I tailor my work specifically for this unique audience. 

My research and consulting focus is on inclusive school policy and practice for LGBTQ+ students. In addition to a PhD, I hold a Master of Education degree in International Counseling, a Master of Health Science degree in Sexual Health, a Graduate Certificate in College Counseling, and a Graduate Certificate in LGBT Health Policy & Practice. 

I have worked worldwide as an educator and counselor, holding positions at The American School of Paris, The American School of Kuwait, and Hong Kong International School, and I currently work as a teaching assistant for the George Washington University Graduate Program in LGBT Health Policy & Practice. 



Professional. Supportive. Thorough. 


Tailored Packages to Suit Your School

International schools and their stakeholders are increasingly seeking sound guidance on policy and practice for LGBTQ+ students in a way that is supportive of children, backed by research and experience in the field, and culturally appropriate for the local context. This is my area of expertise. 

I provide a full package service from needs-assessment to roll-out, with touch-ups and support afterward. I work via Zoom when desired, but am more than happy to travel to your campus for in-person consultation. My range of services is tailored to each school's unique needs and context, and includes specialized options for counselors, PE/Athletics, parents, students, and more. 

Unsure if gender equity and LGBTQ+ inclusion is right for your school? Let's schedule a virtual coffee to decide if my services are a good fit. 

Affinity Groups

In addition to my consulting practice, I co-facilitate affinity groups for international educators. These are free to join, though we do ask that participants register in advance. To learn more, or to join the mailing list for an affinity group, please visit the links below: 


LGBTQ+ Affinity Group  for International Educators

Whiteness Accountability Group  for International Educators

Pencils Circle


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Meadows, E. (2016 – Present). Author and blogger for The International Educator.



Emily possesses the qualities of integrity, professional knowledge, and caring which characterize our profession at its very best.

Dr. Sue Boyer,

Principal, American School of Kuwait

This was the most relevant, useful, and informative (both professionally and personally) PD I have attended in years.

ECIS Conference Full-Day 'Deep Dive' Participant

One of the important discoveries international school leaders have made in the past year is the expertise and significant voice of Dr. Emily Meadows. Her reasoned yet steadfast approach to supporting diversity, equity social justice and belonging brings urgency and a fresh perspective to moral leadership and rethinking the culture of teaching and learning in our schools.

Dr. Mark Ulfers,

Executive Director AAIE

Today was truly inspirational. What made the content so useful was everything was embedded in research.

ECIS Conference Full-Day 'Deep Dive' Participant

Emily has a huge amount of knowledge on this subject, and was able to deliver it in a very effective way. She got us to consider this issue from a new perspective, without ever being forceful, or critical of different views. 

Laura Davies, 

Athletic Director, Lanna International School

Emily's  demonstrated her depth of knowledge on the subject and her dedication to making a positive impact through her work. She encouraged us all to think from various perspectives, reflect on them, and take action.

Stephanie Tao, Counselor, International School of Manila

Emily was outstanding as a presenter and
made the topic accessible to all of us
regardless of where we are in our knowledge base
or experience through her warm manner and
encouragement to stay in the game. 

ISCA Conference Participant

Emily is passionate about research and evidence-based practices; she has a depth of knowledge in her field, and her keen desire to make a difference is admirable. 

Dr. Natalie Broderick, Head of Student Services, Hong Kong International School

Emily has the personality and the 'magic' to connect with children and adults.

Maya Nelson,

Principal, Hong Kong International School

Emily was a great presenter, provided excellent resources and context, helped to evolve my own thinking and perspectives...both as an educator and as a parent.

Workshop Participant, American International School of Johannesburg

Fantastic facilitator! Broke things down for everyone and kept it interactive, felt very approachable.

ISCA Conference Presentation Participant

Emily introduced the topic fearlessly and with sensitivity.

Workshop Participant, American School of The Hague



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